Short hand-drawn animation by Coco Guzman. Created during a residency at Toronto Animated Image Society offered by Collective Toronto with the support of Canada Council for the Arts. Music by Y Josephine. Ambiance sound by dobroide.

The Demonstration / La Manifestación Making of. Video: Serene Husni. Toronto 2014. 

Coco Guzman’s immersive installation The Demonstration, with the help of Carla Molina-Holmes, explores the interpersonal dynamics of the crowd and the intense emotional narratives generated when a large group of people comes together for a common purpose. The audience is invited to wander within the scene of this grotesque demonstration/parade composed by human-size papier-mâché figures and on-site drawings and to reflect on the place that protest/celebration and gathering takes in our neoliberal societies.This video documents the making of the first sculpture of The Demonstration.

The Demonstration 2 / La Manifestación 2 Making of. Video: Rocío Barba. Filmed at M.A.I., Montreal 2016.

A kiss is a vulnerable moment happening between people, but also sometimes, a public radical political statement. This installation moves between this intimate kiss and the public kiss as a form of action and rebellion. A flag paper kissing-in installation, The Kiss invites the public to kiss, be kissed and take the art to their kissing spaces. Installation by Coco Riot. Curator Alvis Choi Video by Coco Riot Music by Super_Sigil It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Craigslist (Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial). 2012

What happens when you take your heartroots to another place? The "small" details that haunt the exprience of migration: leaving, packing, farewells, arrivals and the feeling of otherness are visually expressed on this wordless animation film. This short animation film was created thanks to the MAI mentorship program. Story, drawings, mix-media collages, animation and editing by Coco Guzmán. Music by Elisha Lim Animation support by Sves. Editing support by Rémy Huberdeau. Montreal 2011.