Genderpoo is an ongoing project that uses bathroom signs forms to question society standards of "normal" and society imposed categories. 
Genderpoo started in 2008 as a project challenging the social division of man/woman,  by using restrooms as metaphors of the social western binary system of gender. Very soon after the beginning, it evolved into a more ambitious and complex project where a multiplicity of non "normal" conforming experiences are shown, spreading the question on "normality" to race, ability, sexual orientation, political views, life experiences, etc., and also imaginary characters.
Genderpoo is an immersive installation composed by  an ongoing number of vector drawings (more than 80 at the moment) covering the walls of washrooms and other exhibitions spaces, inviting the audience to think about who they are and how they belong or not into society. 

Genderpoo LAST shows

Textile Museum of Canada
Within the show Eutopia,

February 24th - May 29th 2016
Curated by Farah Yusuf
Toronto (Canada)